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Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) meeting

26 May 2013 Desmond Tutu Conference Centre, All African Council of Churches (AACC), Nairobi-Westlands, Kenya

The governance body of the Prolinnova network - the Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) - held its annual face-to-face meeting to review accomplishments and challenges and to advise the network in moving forward. The meeting was chaired by Marise Espinelli (International Institute of Rural Reconstruction), with POG Secretariat support by Chesha Wettasinha and Ann Waters-Bayer (ETC Foundation/Prolinnova International Secretariat). The minutes of the meeting were circulated to the POG members.

'Prolinnova' Oversight Group (POG) Amanuel Assefa, Ethiopia (kidus_aman@yahoo.com) Assétou Kanouté, Mali (kalilouka@yahoo.fr) Julian Gonsalves, India (juliangonsalves@yahoo.com) Marise Espineli (Co-chair), Philippines (marise.espineli@iirr.org) Sam Vitou, Cambodia (samvitou@cedac.org.kh) Scott Killough, USA (scott.killough@feedthechildren.org) Sergio Larrea, Ecuador (slarream@yahoo.com) Susan Kaaria (Co-chair), Kenya (susan.kaaria@fao.org)

Agenda of 14th meeting of Prolinnova Oversight Group (POG) 26 May 2013, Nairobi, Kenya

Time No. Item
08:30 1 Welcome by Marise, Co-Chair
08:40 2 Agenda for current meeting
08:50 3 Minutes of previous meeting
09.00 4 Status re action points from previous meeting
09:30 5 Issues related to national / regional networks & projects:
^ 5a Application for acceptance of Prolinnova–Philippines
^ 5b M&E of international network & meeting minimum requirements
10:00 Tea break
10:30 5c Review situation in Prolinnova–Tanzania
^ 5d Outputs of FAIR transition & next steps
^ 5e Status of CLIC–SR and LINEX–CCA regional projects

(Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda; Cambodia, India, Nepal)
^ 5f Status of partnership with CCAFS: SOLLINKKA & CCIG
^ 5g Update on other CPs
12:30 Lunch
13:30 6 Financial & management matters:
^ 6a Review of 2012 financial summary
^ 6b Fundraising: progress & possibilities (including AAS WorldFish)
^ 6c Update on IST functioning
14:30 7 POG internal matters:
^ 7a Preparation for 2013 elections:

farmer seat / election procedures
15:00 Tea break
15:30 8 Outreach / policy dialogue:
^ 8a Linkages with regional and sub-regional ARD fora, particularly with CSO fora under GFAR
^ 8b Update on links with AgTraIn
^ 8c Update on linkages with GFRAS
^ 8d Participation in international meetings
16:30 9 Any other matters:
- Next POG meeting
- ….
17:00 Close